NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Stonebridge golf course - Community levy vote

On October 9th, 2019 the Ottawa City Council approved the Stonebridge Levy Vote. The ballots will be mailed out to all property owners in the Stonebridge catchment area by the City of Ottawa. Ballots can be submitted for a 30-day period beginning Thursday, October 10, 2019 until Friday, November 8, 2019, at 4 pm. Further information is available on the City of Ottawa’s website.

Raising questions & facts about the Golf Course Purchase and the
impact the Levy with have all on Stonebridge residents

This website is to raise questions and facts for EVERY Stonebridge  Ottawa Resident affected by Golf Course purchase and Levy proposal.  Please note this site is to present the facts and raise valid, unanswered questions and not to choose a side.

We recommend EVERY Stonebridge homeowner and resident do their research. This community decision will impact you financially for at least 9 years and possibly more. Ask yourself, do you know what is the actual and real cost of this proposal? Are you willing to pay up to an extra $475, depending on your MPAC Tax Evaluation of your home over the next 10 years? Indexed to your tax assessment every year? (See Calculations)

The information provided to the community to date is incomplete. Their proposal is not as clear as it’s presented to the community. See a list of questions homeowners have provided.

We have provided a copy of the Letter of Intent from the SWG

Click here: Stonebridge-LOI

BIG NEWS: The Purchase Price Went Up $1 Million

Golf Course Levy Purchase Increase

3 M
$6 million to buy Golf course they said

6 Million as of August 2019 Presentation

5 M
$7 million to buy the golf course they said

as of September 15, 2019 Newsletter link to proposal for Golf Club maintenance and legal fees etc.

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STOP Stonebridge Working Group’s Proposal to Purchase the Stonebridge Golf Course

Our Go Fund ME

Money raised through this campaign will go to help fund signs in Stonebridge (Longfields and near the club house) to inform residents about the upcoming vote and what this levy means to you, your family and neighbors. It will also help with the development and printing of pamphlets. We may also reach out to a lawyer for advice.

Current News

The SWG has released their proposal and are going ahead with asking for a vote for the LEVY (tax increase) based on their survey results which claims  59% of only 1039 households want to go ahead. Just launched Read All about it! click the link below

our features Topics

Proposal Questions

These are questions the residents of Stonebridge have asked and have not been answered or inadequately answered. This is a serious issue for many in this community.

Levy Summary

Based on SWG presentations- created by CPA’s in the community.

Top 10 Cities to live in Ottawa

STONEBRIDGE GOLF COMMUNITY (Barrhaven South) doesn't even make the list, so will adding a levy to all our homes get people to move here or will they go to another city.

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Levy Breakdown Calculation

A Group of Residences and CPA’s used the information provided from the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) presentation to calculate the Levy assessment. We are happy to share this information with all Stonebridge residents

Community In the News

Important Notice: Golf Course meeting come and ask your questions. We will be posting questions on our site soon Meeting Date and Time:  September 30, 2019 | 7- 9 PM Location:  Nepean Sportsplex – Hall A & B | 1701 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean

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We are always researching and posting updates to help our community make informed decisions.

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