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  1. The real questions is what are the real costs of a no vote. Lower property values, more traffic and loss of greenspace. For less that a tim hortons a day you can save Stonebridge with a yes vote

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      I will post your comment, we are NOT THE SCA who deleted peoples comments to form only a one sided view. Just to inform you the homeowners in this community on the NO side do not want to see this community bulldoze as you are lead to believe by the SCA. Our intent is to see that this proposal is solid for everyone, we are doing our due diligence’s. We all have a right to ask questions but there is a problem when they don’t get answered or they avoid answering them.
      If you factored this down to a cup of coffee per day, great for you! Money isn’t the only factor why people are saying NO, we are reading the reports. We know the real cost which is why homeowners are saying no.

  2. If I read the proposal correctly Mattamy gets to develop part of the land immediately making the golf course less attractive as I have been told. I am not a golfer but I understand that shortening the course downgrades it. Then after running it for 10 years the city/community get the golf course to either run as a course or convert to green space. However I notice in the city’s letter that Mattamy would retain the club house and maintenance area for development, if I read that right. How the heck can anyone run a viable golf course without a club house nor a maintenance area to store equipment etc? The answer is you can’t.

    I also agree with something said earlier here that it is extremely doubtful that Mattamy can develop all of the land because of environmental concerns i.e. wet lands etc. It seems to me they are trying to pick off the areas of the course they can develop and then get the community to pay $6 million for land that is of no use to them. They make out like bandits and put the screws to the residents. I was undecided but now I am most certainly voting no. This needs to be examined more in a proper open forum.

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